Saakashvili May be Voluntarily or Forcefully Deported – Ukraine’s General Prosecutor

“If Mikheil Saakashvili is refused political asylum in Ukraine, he will be voluntarily or forcefully deported to his chosen country,” Yuri Lutsenko, the General Prosecutor of Ukraine, said in an interview with ТСН. 

“If the court establishes that he has no right to stay in Ukraine, he will have several options. First, he may voluntary return to any country selected by him. For example, the Netherlands, where his family lives. Another option is his deportation voluntarily or forcefully to any country selected by him or to a country from where he illegally crossed the Ukrainian border, Poland. The third option is to extradite him to Georgia at the request of the Georgian Prosecutor’s Office,” Yuri Lucensko said. 

Recaling a meeting with the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia, Lutsenko added that there is support for the third option from the Georgian side, “Several long trials are necessary for the extradition. It will be the most difficult decision for me, since Saakashvili’s extradition to Georgia means his detention. I am sincerely telling you I do not want to send him to a Georgian prison. However, Ukraine has signed relevant international obligations, including with Georgia.”

By Máté Földi 


09 February 2018 12:32

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