Police Accused of Attacking Poet, 20

20-year-old poet Koka Kobaladze was attacked. He told his mother, Tamta Davituliani, in the hospital that two men came to his door, introduced themselves as policemen, then beat him up.

Davituliani reported that the attackers were interested in the location of Kobaladze’s father, who has been detained in France for two months already.

Reportedly, Kobaladze’s father is thief-in-law Aleksandre Kobaladze who was arrested in April, in one of the French cities.

The Prosecutor’s Office has started an investigation under Article 333 concerning excessive abuse of power.

According to the MIA, the presence of the policemen in the apartment has not been confirmed.

Kobaladze is in Gudushauri Clinic where he was taken on July 11 with injuries to the face.

As doctors reported, he remains in the neurological unit under observation.

Tamta Davituliani said in an interview with media that Kobaladze has brain concussion.

13 July 2018 15:54

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