Margvelashvili: Every NATO Summit is a Step Forward for Us

“Georgia has a lot of allies who are interested in Georgia and actively support the agenda of our country,” said Georgian President Giorgi Margvelashvili. “They want us to join both unions. We have bben following a very bright path for the last 10 years and every summit is a step forward for us, including this summit where the leaders of the NATO member states assembled and gave the current events of Ukraine and Georgia a suitable name- Russian aggression and the occupation of independent states. They stated very clearly that Georgia will become a member of NATO and gave us the additional tools for strengthening our defense capabilities.

“We have heard lots of very clear commitments from the NATO member countries about intensifying support to strengthen Georgia’s defensibility and NATO’s presence in Georgia. I think we have a very clear argument that is based on the previous experiences of our allies and continuous progress that we all witness if we want to call things by name and not fall to propaganda,” he noted.

13 July 2018 15:58

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