Georgia Marks National Clothes Day Today

Today, on May 18, the National Clothes Day will be marked in Georgia’s 20 cities and towns.

According to the organizers, carnival style costumes, interesting exhibitions, concerts and various types of events related to Georgia’s historical-cultural heritage are planned throughout the day.

The celebrations followed the Family Purity Day, marked in Georgia on May 17.

The organizers of the event report that in the morning the bikers, dressed in national Georgian clothes, will go through the streets of Tbilisi and call on the society to put on national clothes and join celebrations.

“Exhibitions and carnival-style march will start from 18:00. From 19:00, visitors will be able to attend interesting concerts with the participation of Sandro Nikoladze Band Musical Elarji, Sukhishvilebi’s new generation, Egari, Band Refresh & Tornike Kipiani & Mariam Abdushelishvili, Chveneburebi and fanmous Shavparosnebi show,” the statement released by the event organizers reads.

They also say that on May 18 the whole Georgia will become like a museum and the historical and cultural heritage of the country will be exhibited in the streets during the various events.

By Thea Morrison

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18 May 2018 09:23

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