4970 Georgians Requested Asylum in EU in Q1 2018

Eurostat reports that 131,000 people requested asylum in European Union countries in quarter 1, 2018, out of which, 4% – 4970 are Georgians.

According to the agency, in the last quarter of 2017 (October-December), 3615 citizens of Georgia requested asylum, 4970 in January-March 2018 (January – 1730, February 1655, and March 1585).

Among the asylum seekers in the EU Syrians take the top position. In January – March, 2018, 15,800 Syrian refugees requested asylum in EU as which is 12 percent of the total requests. The second place take Iraqis (9200-7%), Afghans are on the third place (7700 requests, 6% of the whole asylum seekers).

Asylum seekers in Q1, 2018

The largest number of asylum seekers was registered in Germany in the first quarter of 2018. In this country, 34,400 migrants demanded asylum, which is 26% of the total number. In this index, France occupies second place with 25,300 requests (19%), followed by Italy – 17800 (14%).

According to Eurostat, as of March 2018, 892,000 applications for asylum seekers are in the process of consideration in the EU member states.

By Thea Morrison

20 June 2018 08:19

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